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At the end of January Pumori-North-West made a business trip to Finland in order to visit plants of the leading enterprises in machine-building industry


At the end of January Pumori-North-West made a business trip to Finland in order to visit plants of the leading enterprises in machine-building industry.

Our partners – manufacturers of mining equipment took part in this trip. The delegation was headed by Vadim Borovskoj, sales director of Pumori-North-West.

The purpose of the trip was to exchange experience, to make new business contacts, to strengthen partnership relations and to visit European enterprises, promoting innovation development.

Thanks to our partner – Fastems company, for Russian delegates there was organized a visit to "Flowserve Naval Oy" enterprise – the major world manufacturer of all-welded ball cocks, and a member of the American corporation "Flowserve". The Company sales more than 25% of manufactured products in the Russian market.

In 2008 "Naval Oy" company made an investment in its production development: areas of the present plant were enlarged, and on the new areas there was installed a fully automated production line of our partner - Fastems company.     Now it is a modern and entirely hands-off production of its basic range components, and due to the company’s current capacity it is possible to manufacture twice as many products, and thus easily adapt to the market demand.

 According to Pekka Karhumaki, the director, who was receiving our delegation, “Planned period of automated production line recoupment was to be 2 years, but due to the world economic crisis it was extended up to 4 years, nevertheless, the investments made it possible for "Naval Oy" to create flexible production, adaptable to the market demand”.On the next day of the trip our partner - Fastems company organised for our delegation a visit to an American corporation AGCO’s subdivision – a plant, producing  diesel engines for various agricultural equipment "Agco Sisu Power Oy" in the city of Nokia, Finland.

 In the plant there is installed a flexible production system FMS-HD for eight "Fastems Oy" milling centers, assembly line and robotized lines for the maintenance of a group of turning machines , 8 units of equipment. Washing machines and measuring machines are built into the line. The line enables machining of 12 types of cylinder blocks with concurrent assembly operations without resetting.

Such level of flexible automatization makes it possible for the company to produce up to 50000 product units per year in an almost hands-off mode. Plant products, diesel engines of the 3-rd and 4-th generation, with various capacities from 75 to 500 h.p. are used by the corporation companies, and are also being sold in the market.

The first Fastems Oy system appeared in the "Agco Sisu Power Oy" company in 1992, and since then the companies had close cooperation in the sphere of arrangement of modern metal-working production and assembling.

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