About company

The Pumori-North-West Company (part of the Pumori Corporation) is one of the leading companies in the North-West of Russia in the supply of metalworking equipment and tools.

For more than 15 years, the company has specialized in providing engineering services for industrial production, developing projects for modernization and technical re-equipment, as well as solutions of various scales for any type of production: from single and experimental design to small-scale and multi-product production with frequently changing requirements.

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Having experience in the realization of engineering projects allowed the company's specialists to launch their own product PUMORI ROBOTICS for the automation of machining and locksmith operations at industrial enterprises.

Pumori-North-West competences:

  • Developing of complex engineering projects for the creation and modernization of industrial enterprises.

  • Providing of metalworking equipment, tools and machine tooling.

  • Warranty and service maintain of the supplied equipment.

  • Training of the customer's employees, own training and demonstration center.

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